I’m a big fan of Netflix and have close to maybe 50 movies on my DVD queue, both physical and streaming. I think Netflix is probably one of the greatest businesses of this new millenium. It’s smart, saves consumers money, while making, the once good, renting movies from the store easier.

Just recently, I heard that Netflix is maybe developing an application for the iPhone/iTouch which would allow instant streaming on the devices. What would that do? I speculate that more people would become members of Netflix and that, subsequently, the big 5 movie studios would allow more movie rights to be given to Netflix for instant streaming purposes.

People don’t see the iPhone or the iTouch as just simple phones or music players. Thse devices are entertainment players and everyone wants a piece of them. If Netflix does go through with this, then I’m going to get that app and I’m sure it’s going to be number 1 in the application store in no-time.



I am so disgusted with the USCIS. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services showed me today how distasteful and totally obnoxious people can be. I went to the USCIS office today in Brooklyn to get my grandfather some fingerprints for a certain document he needs. While there, he was treated like a piece of dirt. The clerk at the teller told him to place his fingers on the fingerprint reader so that a fingerprint could  be taken. When the proper fingerprint was not taken she took his hands and forced them on the reader. When still nothing happened she blamed him for not being relaxed and not doing it right. Are you kidding me?!?! You, lady, were the one that took his hand with force and literally forced it onto the reader! When I finally took over and told the lady to calm down and then told the exact same thing to my grandfather, then results started to happen. Finally a fingerprint was read. The lady treated us like crap and so I made it seem like she didn’t know how to do her job- which, in fact, she didn’t.

I’ll tell you one thing that needs to be worked over, Mr. Federal Government, is this sorry excuse for an United States Citizenship and Immigration Office you have.

College Musical, really…?

Ok, from the title of this post you may be thinking I’m talking about Disney’s evil ploy to take over the world by feeding us mindless movie dribble, a la High School Musical. I won’t lie, however, that when I was that special age- I used to like those Disney movies. “Luck of the Irish” was, putting it casually, my SHIT!

No, I’m not talking about Disney’s attempt at making a more adult version of the High School Musical franchise called College Musical. What I’ve most recently discovered on YouTube is something called “College Musical.” It’s the brainchild of YouTube user Kurt Hugo Schneider and one thing it is, is good.

I mean sure it seems a little cheesy at points, but that cheesiness adds to the fluff of the parody that Schneider is trying to create. With a bunch of original songs like, i guess, “I Want To Bone my TA,” this thing is a sure-fire success in that young-adult crowd. 

The two leads, Sam Tsui and Mallory Baysek surely can hit a note. In their first duet I truly was amazed at their vocal range and prowess. Being a singer, myself, I truly saw the capabilities of the two. 

The supporting cast, of course, adds to the film, but not in any special way. Their input towards the plot sure moves the story, but I could’ve seen something better coming out of this with a different cast. However, kudos to the immediate supporting actors because they did hold my interest. On YouTube that’s hard to do.

The show, “College Musical,” has a very sitcom feel behind it and so I was surprised to not hear any audience laughing or applause. 

So, kudos to Schneider and the entire crew and cast of “College Musical.” They’ve done a good job and I hope them all the best. 4/5 stars to them.

Here’s a link to the first episode for your enjoyment: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GH0SoDcR3_A&feature=SeriesPlayList&p=6284F1D960173F0F&index=0

P.S. It’s in HD!

Let the BLOGGING begin…

I’ve tried this quite a few times and let me just say that it’s never worked out for me. I mean sure- I’ve done like four or five posts and then… well then just forgot that I even had a blog. If I were to go back into old activation emails in my Gmail account I would find about four or five previous blogs that I tried to start up and failed. So here’s going for a fifth or sixth attempt at success.

What’ I’m going to try and attempt and do with this blog- is just make it personal. The several other blogs I had were theme-based. One was about my screenplay endeavors, the other about the films I was working on, and the third- I’m to embarrassed to even tell you. This blog, however, will be about whatever. It’ll be about those AM rants, frustrations, reviews on both television, movies, and occasionally books. It’ll be just about whatever the hell I want it to be about. 

I’m going to try and make things interesting of course because the BLOG GODS tell me that people actually look at this thing… Anybody there?

So, in conclusion please stay tuned as the show is only getting started.