I am so disgusted with the USCIS. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services showed me today how distasteful and totally obnoxious people can be. I went to the USCIS office today in Brooklyn to get my grandfather some fingerprints for a certain document he needs. While there, he was treated like a piece of dirt. The clerk at the teller told him to place his fingers on the fingerprint reader so that a fingerprint could ┬ábe taken. When the proper fingerprint was not taken she took his hands and forced them on the reader. When still nothing happened she blamed him for not being relaxed and not doing it right. Are you kidding me?!?! You, lady, were the one that took his hand with force and literally forced it onto the reader! When I finally took over and told the lady to calm down and then told the exact same thing to my grandfather, then results started to happen. Finally a fingerprint was read. The lady treated us like crap and so I made it seem like she didn’t know how to do her job- which, in fact, she didn’t.

I’ll tell you one thing that needs to be worked over, Mr. Federal Government, is this sorry excuse for an United States Citizenship and Immigration Office you have.


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