Let the BLOGGING begin…

I’ve tried this quite a few times and let me just say that it’s never worked out for me. I mean sure- I’ve done like four or five posts and then… well then just forgot that I even had a blog. If I were to go back into old activation emails in my Gmail account I would find about four or five previous blogs that I tried to start up and failed. So here’s going for a fifth or sixth attempt at success.

What’ I’m going to try and attempt and do with this blog- is just make it personal. The several other blogs I had were theme-based. One was about my screenplay endeavors, the other about the films I was working on, and the third- I’m to embarrassed to even tell you. This blog, however, will be about whatever. It’ll be about those AM rants, frustrations, reviews on both television, movies, and occasionally books. It’ll be just about whatever the hell I want it to be about. 

I’m going to try and make things interesting of course because the BLOG GODS tell me that people actually look at this thing… Anybody there?

So, in conclusion please stay tuned as the show is only getting started.


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